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April 2019

Houston: 'We need a mediator to step in': City Council proposes new plan for Prop B

There is clearly support on the council for mediation. read


Conatser case heading to mediation

GLASGOW – The case in which a Barren County man was charged with murder after a Scottsville man was shot in the back July 8 is set to go to mediation to see whether a plea agreement is possible. read


John Sturrock: Moving to mediation makes for earlier resolution

As a mediator I look back on my years as an advocate at the Scottish Bar with great affection. Lately, however, reflecting on the cases in which I was involved, I have asked myself: could at least some of these have been mediated, had mediation been available? read


Family dispute over historic zoning comes to Planning Commission for mediation

Five years ago, the property at 1119 East 11th St. was zoned historic in an effort to preserve both the legacy of the Thomas family and their involvement in the East Austin music scene, and an emblematic example of 20th-century East Austin bungalow architecture. Now several members of the Thomas family are asking for the historic zoning to be removed from the property. read


South Burlington school board and teachers headed for mediation

Negotiations between the South Burlington School Board and the teacher’s union appear headed for mediation after the board declared an impasse in contract talks last month. After 10 meetings since last October, the board has asked the South Burlington Education Association to call in a mediator. read


Can a Robot Mediator Really Provide a Win-Win Result?

Mediation columnists Abby Tolchinsky and Ellie Wertheim learned of a “fascinating AI application that provides a semblance of mediation” and they ask the question: How might a machine replicate the work of facilitating an autonomous, values-based, and personalized process? How might a machine augment—if not replace—the work of the mediator? read


Elko Mediation Services

ELKO – Mediation is a forward-looking method of conflict resolution. The process involves problem solving with results that are agreeable to both sides of a situation or argument. read


Mediation results in improved, more timely outcomes in child protection cases

New report says participants in child protection mediation ‘Very Satisfied’ read


Bending the Truth in Mediation and Settlement Negotiations

How far can a lawyer go in “bending” the truth in settlement negotiations? read


Judge Directs Bayer to Enter Mediation with Plaintiffs in Roundup Cancer Lawsuits

A U.S. judge ordered Bayer AG to pursue mediation with plaintiffs claiming that its Roundup weedkiller causes cancer, asking the company to try to settle lawsuits that have wreaked havoc on its share price. read


Mediator tapped to resolve federal coal ash suits

A Louisiana attorney with extensive experience mediating high-profile federal cases has been appointed to try to resolve long-running litigation over exposure to coal ash by Roane County clean-up workers. read


A Closer Look: Mediation in Surrogate’s Court

Families are complex systems. Mediation allows the parties to address emotional and inter-relational matters that cannot be addressed in the courtroom. read


Graduate employees turn to mediator for contract negotiations with UO

The University of Oregon and the Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation did not reach an agreement on the federation’s new contract after a tense negotiation session Friday. read


San Antonio and its firefighters union agree to mediation over contract terms

The city and San Antonio’s firefighters union have agreed to continue contract negotiations with assistance from a mediator, avoiding arbitration for now. read


Judge orders Quicken, Justice Dept. to try mediation to resolve "bad loans" lawsuit

A federal judge in Detroit has ordered Quicken Loans and the U.S. Justice Department to try one more time to reach a mediated settlement of the government's lawsuit accusing Quicken of fraud. read


EBT, Lewisburg consider mediation over police funding

The governing bodies of East Buffalo Township and Lewisburg are considering mediation to avoid litigation and resolve issues concerning municipal governance of the Buffalo Valley Regional Police Department. read


Brazil: The Role of Technology in Reducing Litigation

Data from the National Justice Council (CNJ) shows that over 100 million lawsuits are currently before Brazilian courts. New technologies have the potential to transform the country’s legal landscape. read


Ghana: Let us strengthen ADR for speedy dispute resolution - Chief Justice

The Chief Justice, Madam Sophia Akuffo, has stressed the need to strengthen the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanisms in the country’s judicial process to expedite dispute resolution, as a tool to enhance justice delivery. read


A Renewed Interest In Mediation In India

Two separate updates from the Supreme Court of India this month have engaged the Indian community in the discussion of giving mediation a more expansive role in the country. read


Mediator Hostility is Effective?!

What follows is confusing and disorienting . . . and a little disturbing. read


In debate over Snake River dams, give mediation a chance

May our legislators support the governors’ budget request for a stakeholder process for the Lower Snake River, on behalf of both sides of the Cascades. read


Holder to mediate Tom Lee Park talks

Retired Tennessee Supreme Court Justice Janice Holder has been appointed to mediate talks between Memphis in May International Festival and the Memphis River Parks Partnership over plans to redesign Tom Lee Park. read


Former city electrical inspector, Lowe's Feed and Grain ordered into mediation

Both sides in a longstanding legal dispute involving an electrical shutdown at Lowe’s Feed and Grain have been ordered into mediation. read


Mandatory mediation in IP disputes

The Istanbul IP Court recently dismissed a copyright infringement action involving a compensation claim on the grounds that the plaintiff had not fulfilled the procedural requirement to apply for meditation before filing the court action. read


Mediator tapped to resolve federal coal ash suits

Daniel Balhoff of Louisiana has worked on multiple federal cases. read


Mediation for real life

I have been spending lots of time mediating cases. As litigation goes, mediation is a great process. read


Legal voices in Cork endorse 'alternative dispute resolution'

While litigation will remain the dominant mechanism in resolving disputes, there are now several alternative mechanisms such as arbitration, mediation and conciliation to consider. read


What does good mediation look like? A consumer’s eye-view.

Here’s an extract from an interview with a small claimant referred to mediation by the court (in Scotland, where this is a relatively new phenomenon. read


Alternative dispute resolution: A practical skill to develop in law school

I was curious if my classmates were also seeking out Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) skills during law school. read


How to use mediation rather than litigation to resolve business disputes

“Businesses should think long and hard about moving forward with litigation without first trying to reconcile their differences through mediation.” read


Mediation services can help with spring cleanup of relationships

Too often, we ignore or neglect the cleanup needed after the interpersonal storms which occur over time in our relationships with significant others, close and extended family members, neighbors, friends and co-workers which leave behind hurt feelings, strained, and tense encounters and destruction, potentially marring our lives. read


Don’t litigate – mediate instead

For corporations who choose to seek redress through the courts or via arbitration, the process is invariably protracted and the costs often eye-watering. But for some, there can be another alternative: mediation. read

March 2019

Retired justice will mediate between Memphis in May, Tom Lee Park redesign

Retired Tennessee Supreme Court Justice Janice Holder will mediate talks regarding the redesign of Tom Lee Park after organizers of the Memphis in May International Festival and the Memphis River Parks Partnership have been at odds. read


How mediation can help household division

Divorce can be difficult for the entire family. Mediator and author BJ Mann of BJ Mediation Services joined Alexis Arnold on Good Day Rochester to talk about different ways families can cope with their divorce. read


When Does Early Mediation Work? Certain Cases Are Right for It

Florida courts generally require mediation prior to a specified time before trial. Mediation is usually conducted near the close of discovery or shortly thereafter. The benefit of this timing is that most of the key facts are known to the parties. read


India: International Conference on Mediation Friday, 6th April 2019

This two-day symposium will see Hon’ble Chief Justice Supreme Court of India and Chief Justice from different countries,High commissioners and Ambassadors from countries, industry experts to deliberate, research and establish a dialogue on dispute resolution through mediation read


India: Former CIC presents formula to reduce judicial pendency

Senior counsel Firoze Andhyarujina listed five steps to reduce pendency. “There should be e-courts, an alternate dispute resolution, increase in tribunals, human resource department in courts and simplification of the law, read


India: Mediation only way to resolve enormous backlog of cases

The emergence of mediation in the resolution of commercial disputes was highlighted by several eminent speakers at the launch of a monograph on commercial mediation, authored by senior advocate and mediator Sriram Panchu. read


Virginia man gets 10 years for killing mediator in argument

NORFOLK, Va. – A Virginia man who fatally shot a bystander while arguing with his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend will serve only 10 years in prison for manslaughter under a plea deal. read


Cincinnati Judge To Mediate Ohio State Sexual Abuse Lawsuits

A senior federal judge from Cincinnati will handle the mediation of two lawsuits filed against Ohio State by scores of men alleging the university ignored or failed to stop decades of sexual misconduct by a now-deceased team doctor. read


Revisiting the Uniform Mediation Act in Connecticut

A new opportunity to further strengthen alternative dispute resolution law presents itself in the form of the Uniform Mediation Act. read


Liberty Grove and Sister Bay moving closer to mediation

The wastewater treatment plant dispute between the Town of Liberty Grove and the Village of Sister Bay will again be addressed Wednesday night with mediation looking possible. read


Creative Mediation: Alleviating Commercial Division Congestion

ADR has joined the Commercial Division with its own surge in popularity. It has enjoyed enormous growth in recent years as parties come to recognize its own benefits in addressing certain disputes. There is no reason why these two disciplines—litigation and mediation—cannot work in tandem to address the needs of our business community. read


A Closer Look: Mediation in Surrogate's Court

Families are complex systems. Mediation allows the parties to address emotional and inter-relational matters that cannot be addressed in the courtroom, but that might otherwise impede the settlement process. read


Mediation set in Dias murder case

SANDPOINT — Defense counsel for a Bonner County man charged with first-degree murder is moving to push back pretrial filing deadlines to accommodate civil mediation to resolve the case, 1st District Court records show. read


Ayodhya turns into security fortress as mediation panel members arrive

Barricades have been erected to restrict movement on the road leading to the guest house where the panel members are staying. Identity of all residents has been verified and heavy police force has been deployed in the area. read


Litigants oppose Ravi Shankar on Ayodhya mediation committee

A  Muslim litigant, too, has asked the spiritual leader to quit the panel if he fails to clear his stand on a letter in which he had purportedly suggested that Muslims should give up their claim on the disputed land. read


Egyptian mediator: Progress in talks between Israel, Hamas

Official says tentative agreement would see Gaza rulers ‘freeze’ use of airborne incendiary devices in exchange for easing of economic restrictions read


Gov. Ned Lamont says he fully supports foreclosure mediation program, but it could be absorbed into state’s court system

A Lamont spokeswoman said the governor “fully supports” mediation services but noted the current caseload of 12,000 is less than half of the 27,000 when the program was created a decade ago. read


MIT Taps Prominent Mediator to Resolve Retirement Plan Suit

Massachusetts Institute of Technology announced plans to take a pending class action over its retirement plan to a professional mediator. The school March 11 sought permission to pause the case so it can pursue mediation with Hunter Hughes Alternative Dispute Resolution. The mediation is scheduled for May 22. read